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Melzar Blackwell, erudite Professor of Philosophy and Metaphysics, receives a gold key and a cryptic note teasing him beyond the confines of ivy walls and arrogance. A dream leads him to Jensen Falls where his curious quest becomes an Audacious Odyssey more revealing than his bright intellect could ever imagine. 


Readers of Legends of Hank Stone and Fly the Wind will remember certain characters and references in this tale. However, this story stands uniquely alone. 


The maxim, Gnothi Seauton, or Know Thyself, is at the core of philosophies and religions throughout history. It challenges the pursuit of self-discovery. 


What does it mean? The sum of the lot is that there is no single answer. Afterall, does it not conjure questions to each of us to decide for ourselves? Can one gain insight by studying one’s own self, if it can be found.? 


The odd people of Jensen Falls come to the question from an array of viewpoints, each legitimate. The reader is invited to consider the viewpoint of each and draw his/her own conclusion. 

The Audacious Odyssey of Melzar Blackwell

7 Ounces
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