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 Long before Hank Stone became legendary in Jensen Falls, there were the many crooked trails and wayward places. The people he met, loves gained and lost, and characters well worth knowing all helped shape a man who lives by his own rules of commonsense, personal integrity, and aptly applied justice. 

At ease among Appalachian hill folks, western cowboys, and Native Americans, he is quiet and kind, measured and slow to anger or take offense. But, according to Hank, a well-placed reckoning can sometimes be the necessary act of kindness. 

He learns from the best, the worst, and the unwashed prophets in between. All the while, he is careful to sift out the burrs of superstition and belief… gleaning instead what is useful. 

Hank learns what it means to water the lawn in the rain, to quietly give with no consideration of return, and the art of acceptance as subtle generosity. From his journeys within and without, he lives out those lessons. 

Hank Stone pursues the Mystery along an uncertain path to a mountain top where he learns: Fly the Wind! 

Fly the Wind

7 Ounces
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